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Facial Image Design

Change How You (And Others) See Your Face


If others perceive you as tired, harried, or worn out, your facial appearance could be holding you back, and your personal image management may need work.

I can help you revitalize your facial image to look fresh and rested with minimal use of cosmetics.  

Your best facial image can be achieved with a quick, simple, and easy cosmetic application guide that I can design just for you.  


What This Entails:


This strategically designed, personalized facial image action plan incorporates your personality, personal and professional values, lifestyle, and personal features.


I’ll work for you to develop a sustainable, enjoyable, and meaningful plan that’s easy to absorb into your daily routine – and even easier to maintain.   

Afterward, I will teach it to you in a personalized 3-hour class which will be filmed for future reference. 

Includes An Analysis Of Your…

✓ Features

✓ Facial Mapping

 ✓Tone and Coloring

✓ Personal Style

✓ Preferences

✓ Lifestyle

✓ Personality

✓ Professional Goals

✓ Current Facial Image

✓ Current Cosmetic Products


With this information, I’ll develop


a personalized strategic action plan that will incorporate a face map, your personal facial color palette, and a simple, practical, and easy-to-follow step-by-step application protocol.

I’ll teach you how to apply the products and cosmetics, after which we’ll capture a headshot that’s true to YOU and what YOU offer, so you can get on with building your brand with confidence.

If you want to use different cosmetics, I’ll go and purchase them with you or even do the shopping and deliver the products to you without you needing to spend more time.


What You’ll Take Home:

✓  Facial  map

✓  Before and after pictures

✓  A video recording to return to

✓  Class transcript with instructions on how to continue

✓  A headshot portrait

This program will open your mind

to the messaging you involuntarily send out with your facial image, teaching you to understand how you create negative or positive messages. You’ll be able to implement a facial image that’s rested, healthy, fresh, polished, and endlessly confident.

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