You Can Exude


Without Even Saying a Word. 

Your Overall Appearance Signals
WHO You Are = Your Status.
While Your Facial Appearance Communicates
HOW You Are = Your Confidence.

Did you know that your appearance can affect people’s perception of you

and the way you are treated?

Research shows that looking tired, shabby, or harried can directly affect

how you are judged by others. 

I Can Help You Create A Cohesive Image,
One Which Will Express Your Message
      Clearly And         Effortlessly  

You Have No Control Over How Others Will Perceive You. However, You Have Absolute Control Over The Messages You Send Out And How You Present Yourself!

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Best - polished_edited_edited.jpg

Utilize Industry Secrets To Stop Looking Tired


My services have nothing to do with vanity or an unrealistic beauty ideal, but everything to do with using cosmetic and skin care products that make your internal features shine and help you build your personal brand.


The Power Of




Why Does This Matter? 

Perception is reality


Are you aware of the way others are perceiving you?

Facial image shouldn´t matter,

but it does.


The way you are perceived determines the opportunities you get and whether others will take you seriously enough to listen to you or not.

Discover your potential 
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Who I am 

Hello I am Cecilia!

I’m passionate about transforming your first impression in a sustainable and healthy way. After more than 25 years of working in the beauty industry, I had an epiphany: Many of my clients, while highly respected by those who knew them, didn’t know how to leverage their appearance to showcase their experience or get respect from new acquaintances.


And so, I decided to use my skills to give my clients agency over their appearance in the long term. Now, I want to help you do the same.


Using industry secrets, top cosmetics, skincare, wardrobe management, and some loving TLC, I turn powerful people from drab to fab. Embrace the impact of your appearance as a tool for authentic self-expression, while building your brand and communicating your worth.

In the picture: working with actress Eiza González


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